Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Topic

 Hyy!! im back for december :) any diff in my blog hehe im sorry if not alk about this before im just changed my topic in my blog but editting topic is yay right im have it forever :) and so whats the topic now in my blog? if u want know yay! moda or in english word is mode fashion and now im like draw a look sketch more about clothes and fashion too i hope you can welcome thats! :) xoxo

yap it is a glimpse of the many dozens of my other picture I still have four new photos hehehe I'm just a still photo, yep it's the beginning of my children before school designers of surabaya a school for young designers, you can also click school as I live more info from a school search school children paris designer and is now available in several major cities in Indonesia you can learn to fashion updates year after year and follows the style of world-class designers so I wish I could like them even though my dream goal is above the clouds that are still confused to find the best way is my dream goal as graphic design or as a designer and much more as I can whatever I want to make it an ideal goal. so!  find your ideal joy from now on