n o d j e n g s


96 // I love art & photography // i love fashion, but i do simply fashion, black or white? both are my favorite! // i love music, all of genre i like it but no for Rock music // i love to travelling, cause you can find your self with it // i believe in my dreams, make it and do it // i passionate, i work, i make, all of it i really do as my best // i love indonesia, and i'm sure proud to be indonesian // i love movie, because if you watching so it will be raise your memory about it.. learn from it and got the message of it // i don't present for my past, my past is only be past, learning and so yeah do better! // all of it all of me, my life is precious gift thanks to my lord god, Allah for everything // here's my lil journal life, feel so happy if you can leave a comment on my contact page or want to sharing anyway!