Saturday, June 15, 2013

All lil simple photoshoot

HI, everyone! i'm really sorry for long time didn't posting and updated my blog. i had busy day in all times, but so far.. really interesting. Oh ya, do you see something new in my blog? yess if you know, i just changed the header look more arting-designing-and colorfull, just not it i changed too the backgorund and the size of my blog. Desinador De modas moved to soft colour and colorfully things can make you keepn joy read and to visit here :) how about you guys?? 

it's another photographs! talent by saphire and shoot editted by me

And today.. i wanna share about some photographs when i took 3 days ago with Safira. in the real, she's a shy girl in front of cameras, yes she did. But i think when in try to make her became a good friend with my camera she hear my dirrect correctly. and than, i got some picts with simple touched of her and finishing touched i did. With some match and mix theme of the photographs, and with some simple thing for the object i created the photographs. its really fun times! 

Inspired by others photographer from instagram just make me wanna to try to like they all. such a great, and simple photoshoot to can be great photographs, you just needed white or grey background on your wall house, and having nice object to doing photoshoot. now, i really in love with that criteria photographs with easy editting i recomended its for photoshop all CS. you can created all creativity you have with it!! So happy to can know my holiday is will coming up!!! just hurry time please :) haha. Hope everyone out there have lovely saturday! 

a design who i created self:

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