Thursday, March 13, 2014

NxD artwork site! (launching today)

Its finally happen! and done. 1 weeks costumize and made some art to make a new platform about my work out in art world. I'm happy cause it lauching today! now guys you can check it out on my official site artworks, i use tumblr. why? because tumblr is easy to use and i love tumblr theme, i choose simplicity and modern theme to can more be look so clearly beautiful. Made logo, website design, artworks, sketch, coloring, size-ing, and many more i can't to say more longer.. its done and i'm so gratefull of it. Ohya you can also check my work on Best view, just click the picture you want to see more, and click again(click in the picture) after you directed and last is.. done you can watch my work in Best Quality:) on there you can also ask/email(contact me)/and find me on my another social network! life is wonderful when yourself can make it naturally beautiful, do you agree guys? happy happy blast day for you all. x