Friday, July 20, 2012

How to make creative shoot with blurred.

HELLOOO MY BLOG! long time im not posts in here, yap many times im got it all in day of busy. anyway, im so happy can on again here. so here we go the post calling 'ideas' ..

what you need to make good pict with creative, and yes play with your camera.. focus and shoot!:

and this is my example shoot, im just shoot with canon 550D lens standart, with a little focus on it so i'll show it all for you all, of couse you can change the object with others, and still be creative ya.. many funny object to be can shoot, and make creative blurred and object to be one photo. up to you, if u have a great imagine, inspire you can gives to your photos with maximal.. PS. if u dont have slr, but u have a digital camera (pocket) i think u can make same picts like what im shoot, but one.. you need really2 focus and need a little smooooochh of editing, photoshop. Change your tone photos and ya, rockn your shoot! lets see..

aha!! im forget with one thing, you can change your text on your paper with others text u want, inspire text maybe. or another acc name of your twitter.. one be creative to make good contents on your photo, dont forget the light, elemets and focus.  try it! thnkyou. hope u have great day!! xoxo.