Sunday, August 26, 2012

of two white bears

  Hello, everyone.. im back again. today is my last holiday so i wanna show to y'all about my quick post.. im shoot some photographs  and i'll post here. before, i had a theme about to shoot 'a bear'.. for my object shoot im got the white bears icon from prizes with my friends in the one of malls in at surabaya, to details times ago i and my friends went to a mall and we play games in a places of gamers.. and we got some point, after we think we had tired, we redeem points we have, the points we got were not enough to redeem some gifts were wonderful, we finally agreed to exchange it for some pencils, and a pencil on the white polar bear as its icon. meant.. hehe isnt a doll, its like a icon of up the pencils.

But i had an ideas to make this one be my photographs so i took some from it, and baddd.. i dont know now where was my pencils, the pencils missing without the white polar bears icon in up, i cant find it in anywhere.. so its okay. someday maybe i can find my pencils again.  for the background again im matching with bokeh.. i dont know why im in love with bokeh. you can shoot many bokeh in one tree with zoom out. and dont forget you can get pretty bokeh in afternoon, and in the night u can also get it.. with great lighting.

Im retouch some pict with diff tone, and some text to make it like complit and with good looking as well. in this season, i wanna show about some stories.. whats? yeas, faces about the frst time meet with someone, and in the same times, you like his, you can look in every what i shoot in the 'objecto'. side, you can know from some my gift what behind stories in my every shoot. and whats the meaning of the all.

First, i want introduce the two white polar bears i  use it as an object:

this is yellow a girl white polar bear icon.

and this is Blues a boy white polar bear icon.

and its their photographs on the set 1..

this original picts...

this set story about cycle how blue and yellow bear met and become lovers in the end

set 2:

and for the gif below i had a story of the meaning the step by step of the picts... here.. you can read:)

here this original shoot...


for the last im dedicate this shoot for all bestfriend around the earth! bestfriends for ever yaa!! 

thnkyou for your visit in my blog!!! and my post for this is finish here, hehe. anytime i'll post more much! have great day all