Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hello, Aug!

Taraa, hello guys.. hello aug.. mmm late post yaa! and now i'll updates my blog again for this month. aug is month so special for me anyone know? i think many muslim on the world will be loved this month, yes ramadhan month.. howya about u? happy? or not maybe. haha. today, i wanna show about my photograph post to u all, i shoot it on my house exactly on the little garden of my home on the first, i wanna remember about my july post.. a paper and some bokeh maker. i use it again!! i dooo. hehe. oups. i get the different theme, i want a paper with some text to can me memorial on this month its like... can be remember and our wishes.. wanna look? here u go ..

 its sooo simple shoot, but i want to out my imagine of this month, what i get in anywhere and what ever i saw before..  in the natural colors.. is green but iam so bored! i change the tone of green with PS. so be creative and change your color with layer > saturation. and look whats sooo pretty colors u can have. goodluck:)