Sunday, September 16, 2012

Deep and Breathing

HI, everyone:) today is my second post in the same times i posted, why deep and breathing title? mm.. last day, me and with my cameras had short adventure, in near of my home there was a yard isnt big but is more than great haha, and there is many plants who's life so perfectly i think they all had pretty look to make my hand shoot thats all, the true not all plants there of course hehe, just took some plant what i think had the photographs look to will be show for y'all here. not at there too, i took some pict when the sunset from my home will be showed, i had inspired thinks of the deep and breathing lights if sunset comes, im just not alone spend my short andventure, me just be little help with my lovely cat troy! him always follow me  and be friendly in every single shoot whats i took. so yap! not much say, im just did it and i'll show my shoot lasy day in the of breathing feels.