Saturday, September 22, 2012


HI, everyone.. now im back to posting about ps tutor.. its how to make transparent glasses. its so simple how to do, its really simple editing process, I use photoshop cs4 for editing this time. glasses by combining stock photos, and your real one photo. and for the model that I use as the object is photograph from deviantart link this one you can see here. so! ps tutor us start this time ...

for the first you need to save this stock image for the glasses.

then, open you photoshop file, dont forget open your file, after you open your file one again you need to open the glasses stock image. *the image glasses on the top* yayy!! its has been to ready editing..

1. here this look, duplicate your image with left click on the background.

2. second, open your file about the glasses stock. dont forget to duplicate it too guys!

3. after you duplicate it, please click > QUICK SELECTION TOOL like pict on the top. then selection thats glasses till look like done arround frame. if you false to selection it dont scary, and panic you must to click > edit step backward. and start again. if you want your selection is not out of shape glasses, I encourage you to set the size as large frame glasses / pattern. to make it easier.  and its look like this selection:

4. after you selection your stock pict. move it to first image for the object, mean is your original photo. like this one:

after you kove the glasses stock, you must eraser the center of the glasses frame, so its like just round shape there. you need to click > eraser tool then setting the size of eraser like the size on the center of glasses stock image. i use eraser with diameter 189. with the hardness 86%. after done be eraser, setting the size of glasses that to will be combined with a balanced of picture. because i use the selection tool the outside frame look so not tidy, you need to eraser the rough outside the frame.. to more looking realistic.

5. then, left click > of the layer 1, choose Blending options. and the look of that is same like pict on the top. click and choose INNER SHADOW, OUTER SHADOW, INNER GLOW. if done, move the this layer like the tutor pict on the top, move to left. its to make the transparent effect! after that click OK. the you got the changes like this:

after done! click layer on the top menu, choose > flatten image.

6. to make great tone, and to can make the stock glasses with your image balance, i did to changes the tone with the styles menu, choose > OVERLAY WITH GOLD. change the NORMAL PICT TO > MULTIPLY then change the opacity to the 17% *its up to you, isnt always 17%* after you change the tone, you need to match with many styles tool it depends up to you, to can make the pict had the great tone :) 

i had the ideas to can make the pict more shine, frst you need to CLICK > GRADIENT TOOL.choose FOREGROUND TO TRANSPARENT and choose white color with the effect is screen. i use radial gradient then brush the gradient to your pict, is up to you! the look like:

after it flatten the image!!! yappy.. its the last step.

7. finally!!! click > fliter > fliter gallery and choos brush strokes > dark strokers with balane 10 and black, white intensity 0. click > OK.

ok guys so thats about the tutor to make the transparent glasses version me. isnt hard, and its need short time to do it all step. goodluck to try with you PS, dont forget to making your editing more creative!! thnkyouu.