Saturday, October 20, 2012

isn't long one // photography shoot

Saturday at october! hi! the weather changed so fast, you know now its fall but i feeling its gonna be rainy day in everyday. bdwy, when me around in a place there wasn't far for my home. me and within my lovely cameras went to a yard, little garden, and my self enjoyed with a cup of hot coffee. its so fun, when you can feels the weather changed became fall and so breathing be one, plus enjoyed it within the coffee and captured in every single moment you feels on the same times. and now i'll show you some the pict what i took on thats moment, hope you enjoy!

1) my self find a plant and the look its such so cutest i think, i'm just matched it within a note with the text words and said: fall for you.

2) and here the another background whats i took with the same object :) just changed the tone become great.

3) anyway, when im saw the sky.. its so amazing to be captured it, and i want you can feels whats the mean of this shoot, just simple picts and touched with small editted. for the bottom pict was a stock image for the sky and the element is two bird fly together at the sky haha.

4) Earth, gives you may things you need, eyes cant deny to seeing what things beautiful on this earth, and the lenses its to capture it, then to make it be memorial and second, to show whats things you see on your journey life, last to showing how so amazingly the earth elements. for this i just saw a plant mm yess!! some flower and.. they all looking so good!! do you have same argrument like me?

5) time to waiting a sunset.. before that cames, finall! i just take a time to took another side the little cutest flower what i finded at the yard not far from my home. with the focus shoot, and the light soo gloomyy greatt! and here:

6) yayy, the small flowers again! they all looking so cutest to be my object. haha the real colours is green and with blurred soft brown, but in the first pict i changed it to more dizzy.

and thats all my shoot what i took in another last time i got, for the last im just recomended how to make your pict more looking so great? yea, when the heart, mine, and the all creativity become one to get the best shoot on that. landed. thnkyou!