Sunday, October 21, 2012

sunday gloomy // photography shoot

Hello, good afternoon peoples! nice, today is sunday! finally, i can take rest in home and enjoying sunday with blogging. last week i and my mom, my brother, my step sister and my brother's girlfriend went at Delta Plaza Surabaya, ID. in the noon we choice to stayed and yea talks more than fun things at JCO. every sunday almost my times spend there, but i dont know this week im not going at there, because some homeworks calling. times running so fast, tomorrow is monday. haha many people said monday is monsterday. maybe half of it agree with it and the half of it maybe disagree. but for my personality as always im just natura, just let the monday, next monday, next, next, next, and i hope always meet sunday in everyweek i feels. ok guys, whatever you want to spending times in sunday within family, friends, or just at home? dont boring! lets make the fun creations on your life if sunday comes, anything whatever you like you must  mathcing it with happiness sunday, yayy!!


yes, thats some pict i shoot when im at jco last week, then i wanna show one pict same like the others pict at up, i took in jco, its like a spontanious shoot for me, just got this one:

 this is the stock photos available for tumblr edge, or we heart it look. for the example is like this both photos, what i make self:

 PS. you just matching my stock photo with the inspiring text or quotes but the meaning doesn't far from the meaning photo it self. ok happy trying ♥ and happy weekend for you guys.