Monday, December 24, 2012

in the blue sky

In the morning, the sun appeared. I was on the balcony when I saw scenery around. the sun light illuminate at any angle corner that looks so very pretty. especially with the clouds, the sky and the birds were flying along up there. I said thanks for a very beautiful morning. I see the sky, it looks beautiful from here, thinking about the word "free" plus the beautiful birds up there. yeppy! it is the one inspiring result on my picture this time. with "free" keywords you can find out how wonderful life up there. i match it with the clouds!

the other background shoot..

nah, ok guys and i hope you have very very happy holiday ! happy holiday to you all :) and for next post i'll show the preview..

i find this cutest thing in a mall, this is a plant! grow in 7 days. but i just planted it about 3 days ago. seeyou at next post!!