Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Believe // Drawing Post

Post time is drawing! hello everyone, how was your day today? I hope all fine. on a post this time i was inspired by a photo of a fashion blogger named Iga W. and she has a myriad of outfit is no less cool! applause for her. and yesterday i just finished sketching my draw and was covered with a black marker. and today was the finished. coloring. im coloring with photoshop. and i made a few variations of background. and be some design like this:

anyway, the previous post i have stated that for the next post is about the animal plant. but my plant were aged less than seven days. written while in cover crop will grow to seven days. and inevitably I'll post it when the plants are growing well! I promised :) last, i hope you all have lovely day today and of course for tomorrow :) seeyou.