Saturday, December 1, 2012

on this last months

December 2012, hi everyone! today was a new months, i think many of you had wishes for this months. and i hope you have amazing day in every days of december!! anyway, its beautiful months ya? chrismas, and celebrate a new year 2013. idk, why im like a chrismas day.. yea i know im muslim, but is more good respect for other religions. and at this time I was inspired post about chrismas tree colors, red and green even golden color. so colorful! for object image this time I made ​​it self, with the old newspapers, and colorful paper, glue, scissors, a stick, and colored pencils. I want to create objects like candy lollipop or something, but anyway ... is not a candy. lol. I work together with my nephew named Alvin, sometimes he helps me sometimes bother me during the process of making the object or the object photographed that one. and ... I'm going to show you guys! yay yayy xx

nah ok guys! i hope you have a great nite!! seeyou at next post.. on this december:)