Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to make: Dreamy Fusion

Hello everyone, today i'll posting about recipe of me. aha its so easy, fast, delicious and does not require expensive . i made this recipe today. ok lets see :) whats you need to make "dreamy fusion" 

the step:

1) first, take 2 breads into your plate, after that open you ice cream cup than remove ice cream from the cup,  you only need a spoon to make it regardless of the cup. move it to the one of breads.

2) second, open the tango wafer, but you can use another wafer brand. but i like tango! break it into two pieces, and dont forget squeeze some wafers that is shaped like powder to more seemed as decorations and adds the crunchy flavors. pour the powder of wafers into beside the ice cream! and add the two pieces wafer into center to seemed more good.

3) FINISHED!! pour a few drops of sweetened condensed milk in its wafer area, and the ice cream for decoration. and taraaaa thats "dreamy fusion" made by me. haha. ok if you want make your breads more crunchy you can also baking it for a while :)