Saturday, February 22, 2014

Join with me! #VSCO

Hello everyone! how about your days so far? i'm so excited to share this new platform for photography in internet, guys.. i know VSCO since 2013, but i just make one acc away today, hehe. And there, you can also find amazing inspired photos in whole world, with many awesome people too. VSCO is the best thing on me now, its really me! i love photography with simple touch but its meaning. You know when you really love art from head to toe you will be lovn with photography too. VSCO also a best way to share your photographs, and share it away! Hope you can join with me, just download VSCO app from your phone (Iphone, Ipad, & Android) then sign up and upload some great photos.. You're done! enjoy, and get inspired. I love this app, and it really recomended for you. 

Visit my VSCO page: nodjengs

The photos took with Iphone 5 only, edit with PS 5, and lil help from my sis for the picts, thanks!