Sunday, November 4, 2012

november days

Two months into the new year, yes 2013. and it's time we start a new month, a new day, in november this year .. hopefully what we want, what we have done during this month to be better than the previous month. and i hope everyone would like it. then, how about the first day in november this time?? I guess, there must any tragedy of which are fun, sad, shocking and sometimes it could be a day of bad luck in the first days of November. just as I too. plan of life is the hands of God, no one will know what will happen in our lives. well, now I'll share a little about what has been going on till this day in the month of november ..

yes, the first topic is hmm pretty pathetic. actually this is a tragedy had never happened I was expecting. today, I get a terrible thing, a kitten has died due to a car collided the kitten. I knew it from the neighbors beside my house .. she screamed in panic and I think the there must be something going on! and it's true, when I saw the kitten lying in front of her house as if the kitten would die. the kitten was dying. when I approached, my neighbor cry .. I was sad to see the kitten crushed car with the bloody head of the blood. be advised that the kitten belonged from the neighbor's. soon we were rushed immediately to bury. and for the last time! goodbye cibi, I hope you calm in heaven! and thank you for filling our day. lav.
so here is cibi :

The second topic .. in november this time I obtain a package from my friend, she also has a blog! yes she is the putri andani :) few days ago I received a package containing funny stuff. and I loved it. and thanks for this one, folks!

and ya last is this sweet creamy cakes can make me happy till right now, cant stop to love this cakes, who? rainbow cakes babe. rainbow cakes had pretty color and the taste? Do not doubt. but remember it is still choose rainbow cakes are safe to eat. remains the number one health!

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