Saturday, November 17, 2012

Card maker to paris

Well today I'm very excited to be blogging again, sorry if lately I rarely to post on my blog this one. and this time I took the theme is paris. who is familiar with the town as pretty as paris? surely everyone knows it and many of you may be anxious to visit the beautiful city of paris! but who knows? one day you can go there. and watched, then feeling every beauty presented by paris. someday :--") yayy I like that word, it is very meaningful to me. nah posting this time I'll be a little play with the skill to draw illustrations of the Eiffel Tower, so the beautiful eiffel. on a piece of pink paper cuts and less packed with multicolored gliter bolpoint I owe, and don't forget to make it in a whole produce great photographs  ... I change the color tone to be more soft or pastel. thats my favs color ever! 

so guys its just a short post to publishing and sharing to you all. and thnks for watching and comes to look my post this one. hope you all have an amazing day xoxo